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Event Offerings

Upcoming Collaborations, Residences, Circles, Sessions, & Group Cycles



Shasta Leadership Activation Immersion-June 2021

Empress Rising-June 2021/Summer Solstice- Guest Facilitator


Upcoming Event Dates:

Shasta Leadership Immersion-August 2021

WA Isles: September 2021

Art of the Heart Festival: Healing Arts Lounge:

Cosmic Embodiment

Elevation & Integration: July 31, 2021-LA

Cosmic Embodiment Program: 3 Months/Weekly Session

Elevation & Integration

Energetic Ethics 101,

Self Sovereignty


Moon Ceremony Circles: New Moon & Full Moon

Ongoing Monthly

Cosmic Convergence: Resonant Soul & Sacred Sex Alchemy

Resonant Retreats: Leadership Activation

Upcoming Guest Spots

Upcoming Collaborations, Residences, Classes, and Deep Dives!

EarthSpeak: Cosmic Poetry, Mediumship/Energetic Ethics 101,Talisman Embroidery Group



Cosmic Twinned Sisters: Cosmic Poetry, Energetic Ethics 101, Self Sovereignty, Cosmic Convergence

Sisters 3 Harvest School: InSeason Equinox to Solstice





About Me

Nisha is a long-time Energy Therapist, working in the Metaphysical spheres as a child. She learned the sacredness of connection to Nature as a method of balancing the nervous system, stabilizing the bodies: emotional, mental, physical, psychic, and all 10 layers of auric bodies.  She began working with Plant Allies as a child to balance self when physical or energetic needs would arise. 

She has worked with homeopathic, alternative wellness techniques, at a young age, and later added to her toolbox by becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, thus encountering Kundalini Yoga, Pranic Living, and Shakti Activation. She then found Floral Essence Medicine which led her to discovering Psychic Herbalism. She now combines all this along, with Akashic Records readings, Tarot, and Ancestral and Guide Work mixed alchemically for each client's needs and goals. To empower others to live in Self Sovereignty and truly balance to then create a Magnetic, and Alchemical Life in deep resonance with the heart's desire and soul purpose.

She serves clients remotely and one on one clients, and will begin holding intimate sacred circles in these practices.




Floral Essence Alchemy: 

Amazed at how quickly, profoundly, and effective the Custom Floral Essence Treatment.


Energy Therapy, Floral Essence Alchemy, Psychic Herbalism, Plant Allie Assistance, Remote Healing, Rose Apothecary:

Delighted at the swift assistance with little one's nervous system rebalancing, long-distance healing, swift work from Floral Essence treatment in ceremony, and Rose Apothecary pieces to clear and protect energetic spaces, self, and home..


Energy Therapy & Custom Floral Essence Tincture, Psychic Herbalism, Remote Healing: 

Amazed how quickly the Remote Energy Therapy and In Person has balanced and regrounded and how potent the Floral Essence Tinctures resonate.

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LaLa Land, Sunny CA

Portland, Oregon 

Zoom Land, World Wide



Tel: 626-755-9408



Mon, Wed, Fri: 1pm -8pm

Tues, Thurs: 1pm-7pm

​​Saturday: By Appointment 

​Sunday: By Appointment

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